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Christmas specials over get in for next year now ....

Got 20 friends and bikes we can get you there when you want


2007 Isle of Man TT Centennial trip

We've had dozens of "thank you" calls as a result of the great time they had.

this from Mick & Jan Hope:

Dear Dave and Maggie,

I picked the bike up today from Sydney.

This is just a short note to say THANKYOU to you both and Andrew for giving Janice and I a hassle free holiday of a lifetime. It was so good; we’ll do it again in the not too distant future. Maybe NZ.

Looking forward to seeing you at a show some time soon.

Mick and Janice.

This from Tony Border:

Dave and Maggie,

A short note to say that I arrived home last night (knackered) after a fantastic two day ride home on the BM from Sydney, across the Snowy Mountains from Cooma, and down through the Bogong Park to Omeo and Bairnsdale. Sunshine all the way, very little traffic, and the BM ran like a clock. The only explanation was that I was being rewarded for being such a good lad in my past life!

Anyway, the BM is back in its shed for the first time since March, having travelled around the globe, and all is well in Border land.

It has been a terrific year for me, and I wanted to say “thank you” to you both for facilitating such a great trip. It is obvious that, forgetting from the commercial aspects of the exercise, you both enjoy what you are doing, and that is reflected in your approach to the efficiency and quality of the services you provide. I could see that there were quite a few hiccups and problems along the way (including mad buggers who inadvertently lock their panniers so that they can’t be opened for customs inspection!), but they were tolerated as expected examples of human frailty and dealt with pragmatically, albeit with Dave’s temporary frothing at the mouth (lasting until you settled him down with a calm word and put a beer in his hand, Maggie).

I will be happy to be home in my own cot for a while, but no doubt will develop itchy feet (and wheels) and think about another trip at some stage, so I will keep an eye on your offerings. But I trust that we will, in any event, keep in touch.

Again, many thanks.




NZ Bike Shipping service

Letter from Geoff Hill click it

Ken Parsons wrote:- Dave ,just confirming with you that Roger Keane & myself picked our bikes up from Botany today, Wed 14th,at 10am.   We thank you for your service and attention to detail, as it made our NZ visit hassle free.   I guess you had your problems arranging the new depot in Botany, but we could not speak more highly of the staff, ease of getting there, and facilities, compared with the Homebush bay depot.   All the best for the future and thanks again for a job well done.

Keith Brill wrote:-

Dave,   Picked up my bike today from WSI and this prompted me to write you a short note thanking you for the professionalism in freighting my bike to NZ and return.   The bike was returned in excellent condition and the trip was absolutely bloody fabulous.   Without your service I would never have experienced the sheer pleasure of riding in "bikers paradise" for almost 5 weeks.   I wish you all the success in the future, especially with the Isle of Man consignment this year.   Dave, once again thank you and I will certainly be singing your praises.   Regards, Keith Brill

Colin Barlow wrote:G'Day Dave
   Thanks very much for the idea and expertise that led to the best holiday
i have ever had. Just checking that my bike is in Melb tomorrow 7th Feb.    Cheers Colin

Brian Ross wrote: "I know my bike's not back from this year, but please send me a Reservation form for next year"

Neil Earnshaw wrote: “Having previously had the experience of organising the shipping of our BMW motorcycle to the UK and return ourselves, we know what was involved in the procedure. Using the facilities of Dave & Maggie took all the hassle out of these arrangements, making our recent (Feb 2002) New Zealand trip one of the best holidays we have ever experienced. We highly recommend your services and hope to do another trip with you in the near future.
We would be quite happy to talk to anyone contemplating one of your trips if they need the encouragement”.

Ron & Barbara Green wrote: “It was great to have the R1150RT shipped to & from NZ unmarked with your assistance greatly appreciated. The NZ tour was fantastic, the roads better than any world wide (this couple have seen more than most) – meals 100% - locals most helpful”.

Jeremy Harris wrote: " Thanks for your help. It's great to see a company with staff that provide great service. I shall be sure to recommend you to anyone and everyone that want to ship bikes overseas.
 Cheers Jeremy"

Gordon & Elizabeth Zentner wrote:

Dave,   Thank you very much for all of your efforts on shipping our bike.    Thank you also for your good info on planning our tour of NZ.  Until I was going thru your letters, I hadn't remembered how many times I wrote you with questions which you answered very graciously.   We would certainly recommend your service to anyone shipping a bike via any of your routes.   Many thanks, Gordon & Elizabeth Zentner

Isle of Man take Your Own Bike tour 2001

Geoff Stephens wrote: “First time in the UK – two months on your own bike has to be one of life’s experiences. Dave organised bike shipment – return – at a cost equivalent to a couple of weeks worth of bike hire– no other option comes anywhere near it. Go Dave”.

Peter Bowler wrote: “From a small advert Dave ran and then a phone call 4 years ago from my room in a mining camp in the heart of W.A. my motorcycling life was changed forever. I’ve now been to Phillip Island 4 times for 500cc GP s and SWC races instead of watching it on TV. I also now can say I’m a motorcycle world traveller. Dave tries his hardest to help in any respect to make the cost available to us all. I’ve experienced his generosity in many ways. Not many people can say they have been on a run which covered half the world and 13 different countries. My motorcycling holidays are far from over, but I would not have experienced so much. Thanks Dave.

UK Bike Shipping service - 2002.

Kevin Paice wrote: “Firstly, thank you very much for all of your help. Without you this trip would not have been possible. I am so impressed by your professional attitude and wish you every success with your business”.

UK Bike Shipping service - 2008

From Peter Cuges

G'Day Dave,
Just to let you know Layla and I picked up our bikes (VFR and ZZR) from the UK Sep08 shipment today from Price and Speed. Being older bikes we had a bugger of a time getting them started. I think the fuels having evaporated away within the carbies made it hard to get going again. But we got away eventually. Thanks again for the service and thanks to Andrew who was onsite today and gave us a bit of a hand to get on our way.
Sorry to hear about the extra cleaning on the two other bikes and extra checking. We had our minimal allowable riding gear/helmets in our bags which were strapped to the seats of our bikes. They appeared to not be opened.
It looks like we're a no go for NZ 2009 as the Sydney shipment is full as you mentioned so we will try to get in earlier for 2010 after we have guaranteed our annual leave from work (Layla and I are both shift workers so we're trying to get annual leave at the same time approved).
Again thanks so much for the shipping I really think the hassle free side of organising shipping contributed to what will have become our most memorable and life impacting holiday.
Wishing you all the very best and to be in contact again for more shipping!
Peter and Layla

From Michael & Colleen Tharme

G'day Dave,

Our profound apologies if we caused your guys in Sydney any grief with AQIS if we overpacked our gear. Won't happen again (well, not for another 2 years anyway) till you take us over to the USA for our next adventure to South America.

We would just like to thank you again and your crews in Felixstowe and Sydney for your outstanding service and professionalism. You made our trip that much easier. Keep up the good work. We will certainly be back.

First shouts on us....thanks again.

Kind regards

Colleen & Michael.

USA Bike shipping 2008

From Mark & Sally Wastie

Hi Dave,
I picked up my GS1150 from your Melbourne depot last Friday along with our helmets and other gear. The bike started first time, it was unmarked and our bits were all in good condition.....
This is just a short note to say a mighty thank you for providing a service which gave us not just the opportunity to take our steed abroad but also the trip of a lifetime. We only did four weeks there in the western USA but we covered 10,000kms, taking in some of the most spectacular sights in the world - Bonneville Salt Flats, Yellowstone Park, Mount Rushmore, Badlands, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Death Valley, Yosemite Park, Lake Tahoe and Crater Lake...... and all that lies between. All on our own bike.
We had the best experience ever! No exaggeration.
All arrangements ran smoothly, especially with regard to the GS1150. No mishaps, nothing lost, easy pick-up and drop-off.
I cannot commend your service highly enough, mate!
We're already planning the next trip for June 2011, the UK and Europe. We'll be in touch!
Best regards,
Mark & Sally Wastie
2009 Ulysses AGM Penrith

Dave, I'm the hairy individual who you helped out by assisting me  with phone calls to various freighting companies to take my  Valkyrie back to Melbourne from Penrith.
The week was a blur to me due to all the BS that surrounded my bike, and I truly meant to re-visit but alas, I clean forgot due to the grey cells (and hair) going into overdrive with all the helpful, and not so helpful advice I received from other old farts like me.
Please accept my sincerest thanx for helping me out when I was going through such a frustrating time. I was most impressed how  you just dropped everything and came to my assistance. It's guys like you who make owning a motorcyle a great experience.
P.S. When I spoke of your actions to others, I wasn't surprised that quite a few said "Yeah, that'd be Dave : )"  (or words to that effect)
Again mate,  thankyou, thankyou, thankyou : ) I wish you much success in your business 'cos you bloodywell deserve it!

Bill Agius Ulysses # 17043

USA shipment 2009

Hi Dave – Just wondering if you have a pick up date in Sydney for the bikes that are coming back from Portland – need to book an airfare.

Just like to say how fantastic our ride across the USA was, we rode 10,700 klms in total and had a great time. The trip was made stress and worry free knowing that the bike was in your good hands and your reliability in delivering the bike when promised.  Also your agent in Portland NW Summit  were fantastic –  they had pickup and return completely under control, I couldn’t believe how easy it all went – thanks again.

I have passed your details to our Morgan & Wacker (the Brisbane Harley Davidson agent) who were curious to know who I shipped the bike with as well as number of friends from Brisbane HOG.

Cheers, Mel Steeden.

UK Bike shipment early 2009

Hello Dave
Collected ours today and it was not one that had to be washed. The fella at the depot was most appreciative of the fact that we took the trouble to clean it. Thanked us several times and I'm very pleased he didn't have to. That pressure washer he has is one mean mother and would play havoc with seals.

No problems with the bike or the panniers so it was a pleasure doing business with you Dave. 2010 or 2011 is looking like we will be doing it again. Spain and the Greek Isles this time.

Hope your tour is all going well.
Wilky and Diney
We've sworn a vow to poverty, send money to annoy us.

UK return shipment 2013

Hi Dave

I met Andrew this morning at the Sydney depot right on 7am - by 7.30 t he container was on the deck in front of us doors open and what a sight to see the Harley first cab of the rank. We unpacked all the bikes and bags and by 9 they had passed inspection. I was away by 10 back in Kiama by 11 bike on the road by 12.
Mate I have nothing but praise for the way Andrew handled everything a top job, and also I would like to thank you for the way you ran the whole move - well done and of course I will pass on your contacts to V-twins in Coff's and to the HOG clubs in the UK.

Ta m8.......Stewy Harris