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Christmas specials over get in for next year now ....

Got 20 friends and bikes we can get you there when you want

Milligans Soapbox

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

In future we will not ship bikes which are not sufficiently clean.

In recent times (season 2006/7) people have been arriving at our NZ Christchurch depot with little time to spare before loading for the return journey, with bikes which are not sufficiently clean to pass an Australian Quarantine Inspection Service inspection. Just dumping the bike off at the depot and buggering off to the airport.

We are sick of getting a hard time from AQIS when bikes come back from NZ or anywhere else. We simply do not need hassles from this Govt Dept when the problem is cause by a few wankers who are too lazy to do the right thing.

We may be laid back and relaxed and have let people get away with their responsibilities in the past, but that will change.

Bring a dirty bike for loading and we will refuse to load it. No refunds, no sympathy.

Your bike will be shipped back to Australia only when you have it cleaned and at our convenience and that could be in 8 - 12 months time.

You have been warned!

Another thing, while I'm on the soap box.

One group arrived at the Chch depot pissed as rats. Couldn't get any sense out of them. One had left his wallet in the taxi and the depot staff went to great lengths to track down the taxi and get it returned when they should have been working and not chasing after drunken idiots who should know better.

Anyway wandering drunkenly around a very busy freight yard full of moving trucks, forklifts (small and very large) is dangerous whilst sober and I was not a happy camper.

They eventually rode their bikes back to their motel in the same condition and apparently are pissed off with me because I got grumpy. Comments were made (out of my hearing - how courageous) about Milligan's grumpiness.

Well, fuck me, mate! What do you expect when your behaviour puts you (and probably others) at severe risk and if you had been hurt I would be the one the legal experts would fuck over. Think about it.

The business of shipping clients bikes is a very personal one for me and I pride myself on mostly doing a damned good job. I developed this bike shipping concept from the very start and have grown the business by my own efforts to the point where it now employs Maggie and me. I'm proud of these achievements and while I may appear laid back I take it very seriously. I do not like people treating me and this business in the manner the drunken idiots did. I take it as an insult.

That's why I got grumpy. Consider yourselves lucky I did not offer you a few hometruths on the spot.

I try my best for my clients and I know most appreciate it, but I guess there are a few wankers like this in every crowd; even amongst motorcyclists.


want a laugh?

This message arrived on 1 Feb, 2008

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From: Robert R

To: dave@getrouted.com.au

Sent: Friday, February 01, 2008 2:52 PM

Subject: racial slur "septic"
I saw your ad in "cycle torque" and had a look at your web site with the plan of shipping to and from the USA. Did it ever occur to you that you might be dealing with US citizens who find the racial slur "septic" offensive? Well, I won't be using your services, also a group of friends are shipping to New Zealand but not with you now.
What were you thinking? I guess the name of your business says it all!

This is my reply

Hi Robert,  

Thanks for your advice.  

I've just printed out your message and passed it around a business meeting I am currently attending. All Aussies and some rather important Australian business figures - we had a damned good laugh at your message. Thanks.  

Anyone that small minded and sufficiently thin skinned to be insulted by Aussie common usage rhyming slang such as "Septic Tanks" shortened to "Septics" for "Yanks" is the very sort of person we at Get Routed do not want to deal with.  

Immaturity and political correctness are very much something we wish to avoid. We are straight talking, honest people who have gained a very good reputation from our hundreds of Aussie clients.   I'm a Kiwi living in Melbourne and am constantly called a "Sheep shagger" by my Aussie clients, but if I took offence at that (and that's a whole lot more direct than rhyming slang) then I would be small minded indeed.  

However, if and when you grow up and become a real adult we might be happy to ship your bikes to one of our destinations, but it will be under our Terms & Conditions. The same T&C all our clients are happy to comply with.  

As for the name "Get Routed" - may I suggest you consult your dictionary for the word "route". Our business name is not intended to cause offence, however some do see a little humour in it.  Again, I think you are being very thin skinned if you could possibly be offended by our name.   

In fact, yours is the first complaint in 11 years. I don't think we have too much to worry about.  

Kind regards & Happy New Year
Dave Milligan

below - copied from Kneeslider web site March 2009

The Kneeslider - What Recession? Just Do It!
by Paul Crowe - "The Kneeslider" on 3/2/2009

in Alternative thinking, Economics and Politics, Motorcycle Business

Suppose they gave a recession and no one came? Suppose everyone was too busy trying new things, learning new skills, asking new questions, solving new problems, just concentrating on doing the best they could every day and how to do better the next day, … pretty soon the recession all of the politicians and talking heads on the news are dwelling on would be over and everyone would be wondering what all of the fuss was about. While many are waiting for someone to solve all of their problems, some people solve their own problems, they take action, they do things, … they’re the doers.

Have You Noticed the Doers?
If you’ve been here more than once, you may have noticed a similarity in many stories, a large percentage are about someone taking action, they get an idea and rather than debate the issue endlessly, they try doing it. Drawing a new design, building a new motorcycle or modifying an existing bike, if it works for them, they accomplish their goal. They answer the “What if” questions with action. They are doers, the folks who think and do, the ones who accomplish something.

I like doers, I have a lot of respect for anyone who puts in the time and effort to create something and then puts it out there for the world to see, especially since there are so many talkers and critics. Talk is cheap and criticism is free so there tends to be a lot of it. Talkers outnumber doers about 1000 to 1, or more, it’s why I have to work so hard to find the doers, they’re spread a little thin but finding them is worth the time and effort.

Doers don’t always get it right, they often make mistakes but rarely make excuses. What is done may be imperfect, but that’s how progress comes about, each attempt reveals where improvement is called for, but, like a magnet, each attempt attracts talkers and critics who are already perfect, because mistakes only happen when you do something, critics never risk it, they’re unwilling to test themselves in the world of action.

A doer takes action, building a motorcycle in his shop to test and improve his ideas, a talker imagines a perfect motorcycle in his mind and stops there.

Doers are more positive, if something doesn’t work, something else might. Talkers and critics are negative, they always knew it wouldn’t work and will be sure to tell you so.

Doers see the progress they made and feel good about it, critics point out how far from perfection the project is and point out every shortcoming.