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See UK Bike Shipping page for more info on shipping times



Isle of Man TT tour.


Isle of Man TT Festival on your own bike

IoM pictures of ours and clients

From 2019 on our IoM TT trip will be limited to 10 people.

The 2 houses we have leased for the TT from home owners who are leaving the Island for 14 days during the TT. Both have one double bedroom so couples will get first pick of the accommodation.

Both these houses will be filled by Aussies and Kiwis who want us to ship their bikes to the UK so they can ride the TT circuit and have a 10+ week tour (or less if you like) of the UK and or Europe.

Unfortunately we don't have a surplus of accommodation so we can only take limited numbers each year.

Bikes will be shipped from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & maybe Perth if there's a minimum of 10 bikes.

For those people who can't get 10 weeks away from work there will be storage available at our Felixstowe (UK) depot. You collect your bike when you arrive and drop it back some time prior to the return shipment dates.

For those who want the full 10 weeks or more we can cater for you as well. AND for those who want to stay in Europe/UK for even longer we have September return shipments - all subject to a minimum of 10 bikes.

For further info see the relevant PDF on the Booking forms page.



This close enough?

Me, working bloody hard at the TT in 2006

watchin these 'Ard blokes... Cam Donald & Ian Lougher at Ballaugh Bridge